De Indian Mart., we’re committed to sharing what we know best about our Indian heritage and culture: our ethnic spices. We hope to continue to educate and expose new generations and people from various communities to the regional diversity of India and the richness of our culture and food considering Amsterdam is melting pot of different cultures.

Unlike mega stores, De Indian Mart is devoted to continuing its tradition of personal service and exceptional quality. We guarantee that only the best spices and freshest produce will end up on our shelves.

Our vision is to bring the best Indian inspired ingredients from around the world, right to your door-step. With a wide variety of authentic regional ingredients, we strive to reconnect people with the familiar flavors of India. De Indian Mart does not intend to start an Indian grocery store business like the usual mom and pop business around the street corner; our intention of starting an Indian grocery store business is to build a standard Indian grocery store in Amsterdam where in we look forward to serve not only to Indian customers living in Amsterdam but the Dutch and other communities as well. We will ensure that we put the right structures and planning in place that will support the kind of service we want to provide to our customers.