Placing an order is really simple on our website, please have look at the below flowchart to know step by step what happens when you place and order at our website.



  1. Registering and creating an account

The first-time user of our services is required to register on our website, creating a username and password. Alternatively you can order by signing in as guest too.


  1. Shopping Basket

Here you can add items to your shopping basket and edit quantities and items if required. The next step is confirmation of mode of payment and delivery.


  1. Address

You then need to confirm the billing address and proceed to payment. You can select a delivery method.


  1. Payment

You can select one of the several payment methods, listed above under Payment Methods.


  1. Order

Once payment type has been selected and payment made, you just need to confirm and order. You will receive a confirmation email from us, letting you know that we have received your order.



The Payment for your order can be done in following ways:

  1. Ideal Payment
  2. Credit Card
  3. Bank Transfer (Please mention the order no while transferring the payment)


Use the following details for Bank Transfer is:


IBAN: NL22 INGB 0007 9681 74