Owner and responsible of the Internet website www.deindianmart.com is

De Indian Mart

Kinkerstraat 282H

1053 GB Amsterdam


Seller: Seller is the party offering the goods and/or services, which is www.deindianmart.com.

Customer: Customer is an individual, buying the goods and services offered by the seller against an agreed payment.

Contract: Contract is an agreement between seller and buyer, where seller shall deliver the purchased goods to the customer after the associated payment is approved, and after customer agrees to the terms and conditions presented during checkout process, which are also shown below.


1. Validity

The conditions apply to all contracts, supplies, and products of De Indian Mart

2. Conclusion of a contract

Once an order is placed customer gets confirmation via electronic mail about the order.

3. Refusal of orders / Termination of Registration

De Indian mart’s on-line portal may reject the acceptance of orders, if

  • The customer is not reachable via telephone or email in case of confirmation of order
  • Outstanding accounts of previous orders still exist
  • Necessary data (Payment means, address, contact information, etc.) is/are missing.
  • If terms and conditions are violated by the user. or some foul play with the system is encountered.

Termination of Registration

De Indian Mart, in its sole discretion and without liability, reserves the right to terminate or refuse your registration, or refuse to permit use/access to the Marketplace, if: it is discovered or brought to notice that you do not accept to the terms and conditions, or De Indian Mart has reason to believe (including through evaluating usage patterns) that the eligibility criteria is not met/is violated by a user, or may breach the terms of this User Agreement.

4. Area of delivery

Primarily we deliver in The Netherlands, we can also deliver in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany*

*The delivery cost differs for each country

5. Prices / Price increase / Discounts

  1. a) All the prices as displayed includes the legal value added tax. Packing and forwarding expenses are additional depending on the order quantity and price
  2. b) Price increase totally depends on De Indian Mart, this will be in accordance to situation
  3. c) You can use coupons while checking out

6. Scope of Supply

  1. a) Short of supply quantity / not available

If the article ordered is not available in appropriate quantity or not available at all, we reserve right to cancel the order and return back the customer’s money. In such cases the customer will be informed immediately about the delay or cancellation.

  1. b) If there are changes in article composition or deformations, which are to due to the improvement of the technology and/or to demands of the legislation, as well as changes in mark or quality during the delivery time, if the changes are for a conclusive reason, and the is not substantially the delivery of a modified similar article is permitted.

7. Shipment costs

There is standard delivery charge of €5.99 for all the orders to be delivered in the Netherlands and the order cost is below €39
b) If an order is rejected by the customer or sent back to us because of wrong address given by him/her, the shipment charges will be borne by the customer and not Get Grocery.

8. Order Delivery

  1. a) There is a no minimum purchase order value for standard shipment orders.
  2. b) Delivery of frozen items:

By Standard Delivery: De Indian Mart doesn’t take any responsibility or guarantee if the product will be in apt condition, of course De Indian Mart will take the required precautions for delivering frozen items and the customer needs to put the item in freezer as soon as he/she receives the package.

9. Form of Order

  1. Currently Orders can be placed via Internet.
  2. WhatsApp
  3. On Call

10. Delivery time

  1. a) If the article is available in stock, the fulfillment of order takes place within 2 to 4 working days.

11. Right of revocation / return

  1. a) In case the article delivered is defective or broken or damaged due to handling or any other reason. Please contact De Indian Mart and we can figure out the best solution. In case of damaged or broken or any other reason customer wants to exchange the product, the customer has to inform De Indian Mart within 24 hours of receiving delivery and then return the article within next 2 weeks. Customer has to bear cost of shipment in case of returned articles. In case of exchange, customer gets new replaced articles without any additional shipment charges. Use following address for return and exchanges:

De Indian Mart

Kinkerstraat 282H

1053GB Amsterdam

The Netherlands

12. Methods of payment

  1. a) Payments are possible using ideal, credit card and bank transfer.
  2. b) We will dispatch your order as soon as the amount is credited in our account

13. Data security

The data necessary for the completion of an order is stored electronically. The customer hereby expresses his or her agreement.